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We Make Weight Loss Fun
Allied Gardens Park
Wednesday 6.00-7.00 p.m.

1st Month Free
Money Back Guarantee Deal

A one of a kind program that works for everyone!


A weight loss program, that lets you start at your own fitness level, develop at your own pace, and has friendly, fun weekly adventures where everyone’s success counts, a program that anyone can stick to, helped by a powerful interactive community spirit.

Never Alone

You will be in a group of people all helping each other to a weight loss win. Even if you have found weight loss hard in the past, we make it easy. Becoming a Mission Thin Possible Agent is highly stimulating, motivating, and revolutionary, and it works.

90 Day Challenge

Join us for 12 weeks of fun workout adventures, teamwork and support as we set and attack your weight loss goals. Let us get you on track for a healthier and happier you! Our proven approach will provide all the tools you need to hit your targets and more!

Why does MTP work?

We coach sound behavioral nutrition practices and life coping strategies that enable you to set realistic weight loss goals. We then give you personal "biometric results feedback" to let you tune your life behaviors without you having to calorie count.

The Weekly Session

1)One of the keys to weight loss presented.
2)Private & confidential weigh-in.
3)Fun Challenge adventure workout.
4) Personal Lifetune 500 feedback report.

Money Back Guarantee.

We’re so confident in our Mission Thin Possible™ program that we guarentee it!
If you follow our program and don’t lose weight over your first 90 days we’ll give you your money back!

1st Month Free Deal Terms.
  1. This Super Deal is an introductory online special to let you try out our MISSION THIN POSSIBLE membership program for 90 days, the first month, at no charge.
  2. You must sign up online here for a Monthly Membership and will be billed 57$ a month for the second and third months and subsequent months via paypal.
  3. MONEY BACK GUARENTEE: requires that you do not miss more than 3 of our 12 weekly sessions, you must follow our rules of engagement, and a full 90 day program completion is required.
  4. No contract required.
  5. Cancellation at the end of the initial 90 day deal term will require only a 30 day prior written notice of cancelation.

Mission Thin Possible
1st Month Free Deal.

1st month Free then
$57.00 Monthly

  • No Contract