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In 2009, Sean and his wife Sarah Gogarty, both  ACE Certified Personal Trainers, together with Seans father Stuart Gogarty founded SGOFitness and have been winning awards as operating one of San Diego's best boot camps.

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We customize fitness programs to suit your needs.
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We are always pleased to receive new inquiries from individuals and groups requiring special fitness programs designed to meet their needs, e.g. Faculty Fitness after School Teachers Training, Corporate Team Building.


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Our Team

Sean Gogarty

BFA, ACE Certified Personal Trainer.
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Sean is focused on building a strong fitness community where fun and laughter go hand in hand with a solid workout. His clients describe him as a high-energy person who’s always smiling and full of encouragement. As he always says “I survive on a constant diet of High Fives and Push Ups.”

Sarah Gogarty

BA, ACE Certified Personal Trainer.


Sarah passionately focuses on helping others fall in love with fitness by producing fun programs along with a sense of real friendship and community. Sarah’s workouts are known to be challenging and effective. Her clients say she’s not afraid to push them to do their best and they can expect to be proud of themselves for what they accomplish after every session.

Keli Perez Garrett

ACE Certified Personal Trainer,

Keli's Philosophy-"Listen to your body; it has a lot to say. Don't over-train, but push when your body can be pushed. Love your body. It's unique and beautiful and can only be truly appreciated by you. Give it the nutrients and fuel that it needs and deserves."

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