In this section of the site we answer the most popular questions that our customers have about our services. If you can't find the answer here don't hesitate to contact us.

Q1 - Can I pay by cash or check?

All our services can be purchased by cash or check. We do prefer online payments via credit card. We charge a nominal fee for invoicing and administration of cash and check payments.

Q2 - What if I find the classes too hard.

Although we can lower the intensity and difficulty of just about all exercises and classes to tailor them to an individual's needs there is always the rare event that a client finds a class is not for them. We are receptive to this and will issue a full refund. We guarantee our customers will be happy with the services we provide.

Q3 - What times can I book with trainers for personal training?

We have partner trainers that are available to suit most clients required training days and times that can satisfy a customer's training times and needs. Just contact us with your requirements. We are here to serve you.

Q4 - Am I going to be happy?

We make exceptional effort to listen to clients to ensure we satisfy the training needs of all. We usually only have very happy clients.

Other common questions

All our trainers are nationally certified trainers and all experienced in designing classes and conducting personal and group training. They can evaluate a person's capability to do the exercises and adjust your training accordingly. Injuries are rare but there is always a risk with any sport or exercise. We do do a pre-activity questionaire to ensure all clients are aware of risks and have taken the precaution to ensure there is no medical reason that they, or their doctors, believe would prevent them participating.
We shoot for a target of a pound a week as the optimum for clients needing to lose weight. We provide guidance as to what is required to do that and lose steadily and permanently. Clients wishing to lose greater amounts at greater rates than that are given guidance on how to achieve that but we don't widely recommend this as the optimum healthy weight loss path.
Some of our classes are women only classes. These are shown on our schedule.
We understand events happen and can suspend client's payments for vacations and job relocations or extended illness of more than 2 weeks. We do not have yearly contracts in our memberships and require only a 15 day written notice anytime to cancel a membership.
We allow any client to bring guests to classes. A client can bring up to 2 guests per class. Each guest can attend as a guest twice for free. Guests must fill out our standard registration and waiver form. We do also run a referral rewards program and reward clients whose guests subsequently sign up for classes with a 25$ REWARD PER GUEST SIGN UP.