Small Group Personal Training

  • 2 pressups
  • 3 girls
  • Ball Play
  • On The Field

Find your Fitness with your Friends.

The missing link between Group Exercise and One on One Personal Training.

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The Benefits

Small Group Training, (SGT), or semi-private training, usually 2-5 participants, is one of the hottest trends currently in the fitness industry. Clients get more personal attention than a larger group but it is more economical. There is the added camaraderie and motivational support you get from other group members. Exercising with friends is always more fun. Office pals, family groups, and bridal party groups are some of the most popular.

The Program

We book the sessions at a time you choose, match you with a trainer that is a good fit, then define a program that will best suit the fitness needs and goals of everyone. You will get the same as the one on one clent but with shared trainer time.

  • Fitness evaluation and assessment session.
  • Program design and training sessions..
  • Nutrition coaching and advice.
  • Progress testing,monitoring and reporting.

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Small Group Training.

2-5 People
4 Sessions


  • 1 purchase required for each person in Group

2-5 People
8 Sessions


  • 1 purchase required for each person in Group

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